[Wholesale] Viet Natural Dehydrated Red Dragon Fruit Dried – Non sugar

Viet Natural Dehydrated Red Dragon Fruit Dried – Non sugar
Condition: New
Type: Dragon Fruit
Flavor: Dragon Fruit
Ingredients: 100% dragon fruit red flesh.
Net Weight: 100g
Expiration date: 6 months
Quantity: 1 PCS
Packed in approximately a 100gr packet – contains around 1 to 2 red dragon fruit with skin removed, which has been sliced and dehydrated.
Red dragon fruit is sweeter than the more commonly found white flesh varieties. 
Once dried, the dragon fruit flesh has a crisp texture, with a slight crunch, and still retains that wonderful rich color.
If not used for snacking, this red dragon fruit can certainly be used as an impressive garnish in your recipes.
Dried red dragon fruit makes for a very pleasant sweet snack.
This is a healthy choice too; we have simply sliced and dehydrated the red dragon fruit, nothing added.
If stored correctly, the red dragon fruit slices will last for a long time, however for best taste, we advise consuming them within 3 months.
More information: 
Also known as: Pitaya
Origin: Grown in Vietnam. Dehydrated in Vietnam.
Preparation: Ready to eat.
Usage: Eat as a snack, add to smoothies or cut into small pieces and mix with breakfast cereals, yoghurt, ice cream etc.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place.
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